Have your friends or family told you their Ginsu knives never need sharpening and provide a clean cut each and every time? Have you ever wondered what makes that possible?

Where our serrated blades are concerned, our patented technology on the edge of each of our Essential and Koden series blades is where the secret lies. We’ve developed Symmetric Edge Technology which integrates identical serrations on each side of the blade with a unique scalloping pattern. Unlike traditional serrated knives, this gives our serrated blade even pressure and control over the food being cut, leaving you with perfect slices that never get torn apart by a dull, faulty blade.

The forged cutlery from our Chikara series of blades follows the generations-old Japanese technique of using a single piece of steel to make each knife. We use only the finest, high-carbon Japanese steel for our knives because it is known to be rust- and stain-resistant; but more than that, it is known for its amazing strength and its ability to hold an incredibly sharp edge.

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