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How to Properly Use Your Ginsu Cutlery

Safely and effectively using a kitchen knife will help you get the most out of your cutlery and prep meals with ease. Above all, you should be sure that you select the proper style and size of knife before you get started. Be sure to check out our guide to different types of knives to learn more! Once you’ve selected your knife, it’s time to get started. So what are some dos and don’ts of using your Ginsu cutlery?

Knife Safety

Whenever possible, be sure to slice away from the hand and body. If you lose control of your knife, the momentum of your arm will carry the knife away from you instead of towards you, protecting your fingers and hand from nicks and cuts. Be sure to cut your food on a wooden or polyethylene cutting board and never in the palm of your hand.

Once you’re finished with the knife, lay it on a cleared counter away from you and the cutting area. If you need to use it again, always reach for the handle of your knife! Should the knife slip off the counter, never try to catch it. Let it fall to the floor and clean it off afterwards.

Knife Care

A good knife will only last long if you care for it properly. Once you’re finished cooking or prepping your food, clean the knife of any food residue, but don’t let it soak in the sink or put it in the dishwasher. Proper knife care calls for hand washing and hand drying, so take the extra time and care to make sure your knife gets the attention it deserves.

Just a few simple dos and don’ts of knife use will keep your knives sharp and durable for years to come while keeping your hands and fingers free of cutting accidents!

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