Douglas was founded 110 years ago in Akron, Ohio as a manufacturer of automotive products while Quikut dates back 90 years as the manufacturer of the “Sharpest Knives on the Market”. The two companies integrated and named Douglas Quikut in 1964, and has grown to include vacuums, kitchen cutlery and fishing gear amongst its product offerings. The Company joined the Scott Fetzer Family in 1964 and now manufactures under three distinct brands, American Angler, Readivac and Ginsu.
The “amazing” Ginsu knife became known to millions of television viewers in the USA in the 70’s and through our iconic television advertisements in the 1970s. The first Ginsu commercials began with a dramatic voice over and touted it could “cut through a nail, a tin can, and a radiator hose and still cut a tomato paper thin,” touting the knives’ ability to stay razor sharp even after having been put to the test. Asked “How much would you pay? Don’t answer!”, viewers were urged to “Call now! Operators are standing by!” and included the signature line “But wait! There's more!”. In the process they established the formula for the modern infomercial and led to being called “the pitch of all pitches” by Syracuse University. The style of the ads included many elements of the modern infomercial and has been heralded and heckled by the likes of David Letterman, Gallagher, Johnny Carson and Dan Akroyd. The Ginsu knives became so successful that it is still one of the most well-known and well-loved consumer products in history.
Douglas Quikut continues to produce quality brand name products from our facility in Walnut Ridge, Arkansas. Our Chikara brand knife set has been listed in Consumer Reports as a top product since 2009, and was awarded as one of the Best Products of the Year for 2012. The American Angler brand of fishing accessories is best known for its premium electric fillet knives and is very popular among avid fishermen around the United States. ReadiVac is having great success with the wide variety of vacuums we produce, but by far the most popular ReadiVac product over the last 40 years is the Hand Vac. We look forward to these three strong brands bringing Douglas Quikut 100 more years of success in the retail industry.

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